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Children's Dental Office in Cinco Ranch
Children’s Dental Office in Cinco Ranch
It would nice if there were no pediatric dental emergencies at all. Unfortunately, we all know they occur. Worse still, they often do not arise at a time when it’s convenient. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that here at Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry, we handle urgent pediatric dental situations, even if it’s on the weekend. You can rest assured that our Children’s Dental Office in Cinco Ranch is available to help you and your child when you need it the most.

You might be wondering what exactly constitutes an emergency. There is no set rules on the subject. Essentially, if you consider it urgent, then it is. However, here are a few examples of common pediatric dental emergencies: a tooth that is knocked loose from its socket or becomes completely detached, a toothache, or a tooth that has become chipped or cracked. The last thing that our Children’s Dental Office in Cinco Ranch wants is for your child to be in pain at all. Sometimes it is not possible to meet that goal, of course, but we certainly want to minimize it and ensure that it is alleviated promptly. Toothaches are often the result of a cavity that has not yet been detected and filled. It’s also possible that an existing filling may have come loose and fallen out. In either case, our Children’s Dental Office in Cinco Ranch will see to it that a new or replacement filling is put in right away. Chips or cracks will usually require a crown to be fashioned. In the case of a tooth knocked loose, it can be put back into the socket and held in with a splint or orthodontic wire while it heals. It may not be worth trying to save a baby tooth that has come completely free of its socket, however.

Keep our number programmed in your phones and use it any day of the week when your child has a dental emergency.

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