Pediatric dental hygiene practice in Cinco Ranch

Family dentist Cinco Ranch
Family dentist Cinco Ranch
If you have a child and you want to find the very best pediatric dentist to provide care, you should come to see us at Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry. Our family dentist Cinco Ranch, The dentist, specializes in providing excellent pediatric dental care at our pediatric dental practice.

We know that receiving excellent preventive dental care is extremely important for your child so that he or she can have healthy teeth and gums. At our pediatric dental hygiene practice, we know that children are extremely prone to developing cavities. It is very important that they learn the importance of brushing their teeth at least twice a day, in order for them to have a healthy mouth. As part of our oral hygiene and preventive care, we recommend that children have regular dental cleanings and dental exams. Even with the very best at-home dental care, it is important to have an in-office dental cleanings. Pediatric dental cleanings will remove all plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth. This is a very important part of a complete program that works to keep your child’s teeth as cavity-free as possible. Our in office dental cleanings will remove all plaque and tartar from not only on the teeth, but from between the teeth, and from just below the gum line. At our office, we also offer fluoride treatments to help keep your child’s teeth cavity-free. Fluoride treatments are usually given after each dental cleaning, and will help to strengthen your child’s tooth enamel. Our family dentist Cinco Ranch also recommends sealants on your child’s teeth. Dental sealants are used on the flat chewing surfaces of your child’s pre-molars and molars. These sealants will fill in the pits and grooves that are found on your child’s teeth so that dental plaque cannot easily adhere to it, and will also act as a physical barrier between your child’s teeth and cavity-causing materials.

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