Effect of Thumb Sucking on Teeth

Kids Dentist in Cinco Ranch
Kids Dentist in Cinco Ranch
While you might your little bundle of joy’s thumb-sucking endearing, it’s actually going to cause a veritable buffet of dental complications further down the line. Especially if it continues over a long stretch. With that said, if the effects are kicking in already, take your child to Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry and meet with our kids dentist in Cinco Ranch.

We understanding that thumbsucking is largely considered a natural reflex for children. It provides security while they learn about the world. Not to mention, it’s an excellent self-soother. But it comes at a cost. How does it affect your child’s teeth? We’re getting to that part. It’s not a big deal if it’s happening while the baby teeth. But if thumbsucking remains unabated as the permanents develop…well, it can cause issues with alignment as well as the roof of the mouth. It’s not just the act itself that can cause these complications, the intensity of the thumbsucking exacerbates it. Most children typically stop this behavior between the ages of two and four. Some ways to get them to stop (if they haven’t done so at the right time) involve: praising them for not sucking, finding ways to sooth their anxiety, involve the child in a preferred method of stopping. If these don’t work, a gentle reminder involving wrapping the thumb in bandaging or a sock can do the trick. For more information, or help in general, feel free to visit Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry and see our amazing kids dentist in Cinco Ranch.

Don’t dawdle any longer—their smile is in your hands, after all. And don’t you want them to sprout perfectly straight teeth? Exactly. So pick up the phone and call Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry. Our staff will help you schedule an appointment with a kids dentist in Cinco Ranch.

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