Dental care for the whole family in San Diego

San Diego family dentist
San Diego family dentist

It is important to start a child’s oral health off right, not only with brushing and flossing their teeth at least twice a day but also partnering with an experienced pediatric dentist. Our San Diego family dentist at Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry has been starting off the young children of this community on the road to great oral health. While many general dentists treat children a pediatric dentist has the training and expertise dealing with the special needs of young children, children and adolescents.

Even though the child may only have a few teeth at this young age it is a good time to check their mouth structure, teeth and gums, as well as examine the child’s head and neck. Our San Diego family dentist is uniquely equipped to examine even the youngest patients in a state-of-the-art office that features the latest in dental technology that has been geared to our young patients. The most important element of our pediatric practice is making the children feel safe and secure in coming to our office, therefore, our office has been set up to have a fun atmosphere where the children can play and watch videos and actually look forward to coming in for a checkup. Our doctor and entire staff have been trained and have experience in working with children and allaying their fears and anxieties. We want a visit to our office to be especially stress free. Our staff shows the young children the correct way to care for their own teeth and enlists their enthusiastic participation in daily tooth care at home.

Aside from our pediatric practice our San Diego family dentist also provides full-service dental services for the whole family. Whether with one of our pediatric patients or an adult or even a senior patient our practice’s emphasis is on preventative care. Through diligent daily home care, bi-annual cleanings, regular checkups, and monitoring the patient’s mouth for any changes in their teeth, gums or jaw structure our practice is able to prevent many problems rather than having to restore them later. Please call our office for an appointment.

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