Sedation for kids/Sedation Dentistry/Sleep Dentistry for Kids

Feeling scared about dental procedures is normal and common in young patients. Children can be very fearful of dental procedures and even suffer panic attacks from the sounds of the instruments and having to remain still during a procedure. By providing Sedation Dentistry in Sugar Land for children we can prevent this. Pediatric Dentist Dr.Shilpa believes that children should be cared for at all times and her gentle loving style includes IV Sedation for procedures that can put undue stress on kids.

What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is designed to relax your child and make them completely comfortable. IV sedation will also eliminate the anxiety and pain your child would feel during a procedure. Your child will lie back in dental chair and be relaxed. This will allow Dr.Shilpa to provide the high quality of dental services in less time. Most importantly with Sedation Dentistry in San Diego your child will be relaxed and typically unaware of the sights, smells and sounds going on. Her patients typically remember little to nothing of their experience the next day.

Recovery from IV Sedation

Every pediatric dental patient is different but most patients begin to feel alert soon after the IV medication is stopped. Children are encouraged to sleep and drink plenty of water and clear fluids for the remainder of the day. In addition what we find in children is that the day after their procedure they tend to have less pain after treatment, many believe because the actual procedure has less stress associated with it and less tensing is experienced by the child.

IV Sedation for pediatric dental patients in San Diego is a key factor for many parents when choosing a dentist for their son or daughter. The dentist’s goal is to ensure that your child doesn’t have to suffer during any dental procedure and will always discuss with concerned parents the benefits associated with IV Sedation during dental procedures where she believes it will benefit your child. Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry is able to provide all forms of dental services for children of all ages including sedation dentistry. We see patients from San Diego, Greatwood, Telfair, Pecan Grove, Stafford, Richmond, Rosenberg, Katy, Fulshear, & Houston. Call Today to schedule your child’s appointment. Most dental insurances are accepted at our office.